Meet Gracie

Hi! I’m Grace Smith. I’m from Greenville, South Carolina. The greatest city in the world! Since fall of 2014 I’ve been a student at Brigham Young University. I study Elementary Education but I’m not a “getting her MRS and doing ElEd cause I like kids ElEd major.” I actually fully intend to teach. This past semester I was a teaching assistant for American Heritage, one of the largest classes at BYU. I loved being a TA it definitely was the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve had some pretty cool jobs! I would definitely say that teaching is my passion. I have found that it really is my calling in life and God blessed me with both a love and a skill of teaching. I think it’s only natural to want to tell other people and encourage them to find joy as well. That’s why I feel so called to teach people the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that learning about Christ brings happiness and I definitely want to share happiness! 

I love the outdoors but also love the comforts of home. One of my favorite places in the whole world is Lake Jocassee in South Carolina! My family has 2 boats (a little speed boat for tubing and skiing and “ugly Betty” our little hobie cat). We love going to the lake however we don’t like all the sunscreen we have to put on to keep us from turning into lobsters! I love going to Myrtle Beach especially in the fall when it’s not very busy. I also love photography, cereal and crafts. 

If you know me you know Luke, he’s my best friend and boyfriend. We’ve known each other forever and have been friends for years but lived 600 miles apart most our lives then when we went to college and finally were in the same state we started dating. He entered the MTC December 16, 2015. He will be leaving for Fiji (yes you read right Fiji!) right before I go into the MTC.

I have two brothers and two sisters. Both of my brothers are in high school at Eastside, my older sister is a student at BYU and my younger sister is in fourth grade at Pelham Road Elementary. I love my family and will miss them very much while I am in Boise. I know that families can be forever. 


I love my Savior, Jesus Christ! He truly is the reason I am going on a mission. I know that because of him we have hope. I know that everything in the world is because God loves us! The scriptures are the words of the Lord and we can learn so much from them. I testify Joseph Smith was a prophet. He really saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and he really did bring back Christ’s church to the earth. We have a living prophet today who speaks for God. We can also receive help from God through prayer. He loves us and we can become like him.





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