MTC Through the First Day

Well the last few days of the MTC were better. I wasn’t nearly as sick from the food so that allowed for more feeling of the Spirit. So one funny story about leaving the MTC. One of the sisters had to leave at 3:45 am and we had to leave at 4:45 am. Well we set our alarm for 3:45 and well hers hadn’t gone off so when ours went off she jumped out of bed and I kid you not threw her clothes on in like 30 seconds, brushed her hair, packed the last few things, hugged each of us and was out the door by 3:46. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. If it had been me I would have spent the first 5 minutes freaking out and then needed another 10 minutes at least to make myself presentable. Well some people are just amazing. As for my travels they were pretty funny. We were traveling with all the Boise Elders and some Elders and Sisters going to Logan. We pretty much took up an entire car on the front runner. I was grateful I didn’t have too many bags. It was really funny to watch some of the sisters trying to pull all of their bags.

The plane ride was short obviously but I pretty much prayed the entire time. I think I have gotten better at praying since I’ve been here because well you NEED to pray because you NEED the spirit. We met President Winder at the airport and he took us to the Mission office (which is basically just a church building by the Temple). We had lunch with the trainers (we didn’t know who was with who yet) and then had like 3 hours of training on proper use of mission cars, medical stuff and money. Then we had a mini transfer meeting where they announced who would train. By the way the church has done away with Transfer Meetings worldwide so we will get transfer calls over voicemail in the future. Well I’m with Sister Marsh. She is from Palmdale, California. (I think I’m suppose to be with Californians). She is great and obedient which I am super grateful for. She’s been a great trainer but she says I came “pre-trained” so thanks parents, you did good. After our little meeting we went to dinner and then proselyting. Dinners are always very good and we get fed every night. Apparently the average weight gain in this mission is 40 pounds. That is not gonna happen! We say 3 less active families that first night. Most of our work is with recent converts or  less actives (RCLA’s).

Mission Stats:

153 Missionaries

40 Sisters

12 Spanish Speaking Elders (9 at a time proselyte in Spanish)

75 Areas (anywhere from 1-3 wards)

57 Mission Cars (Sisters always have cars)

My Area: I’m in the Amity Stake in the Meridian 14th Ward. We have 578 members and less than 50% activity (so yes lots of less active work). The area is in the Southwest corner of the mission. We are pretty disobedient because we leave the mission a lot due to the fact that our house is in the Nampa Mission, haha. We live in a little granny house on a members property. It’s very cute.

I am loving the area and the people.


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