Beware of the Dogs

So after the first few days I thought I had been called to a service mission. As President Winder says “We do a lot of service here.” The first week has been a lot of service like I think I’ve worn jeans more than I have a skirt. So here’s the story. A nonmember who owns a window and blinds company had to close her business. (Her partner had been embezzling). Well about a year ago she was meeting with the missionaries so when she found out she had to move so fast she called the missionaries because she knew we would help. Well last week they spent all day almost everyday moving her business into a storage unit. She’s planning on moving to Arizona to get on her feet and then moving back to restart her business when she can. Well when they moved her into the storage unit they packed her personal stuff in the very back of the storage unit. So this week we had to take everything out, get her personal stuff and then reload the unit. It was pretty stressful because she is a hoarder and mentally not super stable so it was a pretty big mess. And if anyone is wondering blinds get really heavy after the 2000th one. But in all of it we realized that even though she wasn’t a member or an investigator, God sent us to help her because He loves her and wanted her to feel loved. I’m not on a mission to do my will. I’m here to serve and if moving boxes, blinds and giant rolls of fabric is what I need to do to serve I will be there.

Other service projects this week (these will happen every week for the rest of the transfer). Tuesday’s we go over to a old couples house for a few hours and we make them meals and freeze them for the week. Wednesday’s we work at IYR (Idaho Youth Ranch) which is like Goodwill or DI. At IYR we do sorting and such. Thursdays we go to a nonprofit that helps refugees when they enter the United States and clean and sort donations. Serving is awesome and even more wonderful because we do it as representatives of Jesus Christ.

Well Boise has been beautiful. The weather has been stellar. It’s perfect light sweater weather. We actually have dropped the car off and walked a few times because it has been so beautiful. I bet you’re wondering where the title will come in. Well let me tell you EVERYONE in Boise has a dog, or two, or three, or eight. And most of the dogs are HUGE. I have had quite a few encounters with pit bulls and to be honest I’m not a huge fan. I pray a lot to not be afraid of the dogs but sometimes I am. Sister Marsh says we should make t-shirts that say “Fear No Dog #RM #IBM” (IBM meaning Idaho Boise Mission). We also want to make shirts that say “We come in twos (of the same gender)” because often when we are doing service projects they try to split us up which obviously we can’t do.

Honestly I LOVE having a companion. You always have a friend and you can never get lost all by yourself. Sister Marsh is a great companion and is teaching me a lot. She’s very consistent and responsible and she knows the area and the people very well. I’m glad I got her as my trainer because she works hard, is obedient and is well very normal- not too quite and not to loud.

I’m sure you’re wondering about teaching and investigators and baptisms. We have 5 investigators right now but they’re not really progressing all that much but I am hopeful. We mostly teach RCLA’s (recent converts and less actives) and Part Member Families.

God is real and we are His children. Jesus Christ is everyone’s Savior. Praying brings blessings. The scriptures are AWESOME! The gospel blesses families.

Sister Grace Smith


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