Because it’s only been a few days I don’t have a whole lot to report.

For starters we go to go to the temple on Thursday last week and it was beautiful. Going to the temple as a missionary is pretty awesome a lot of things take on new meaning. We actually invited a lady in our ward to come with us. She brought family names for us to do. They were her grandmother’s sisters which was so cool to do them all together. She was so appreciative and I really felt that they were happy. The temple is so beautiful inside and out.

A couple of weird things that happened this week. We say a man walking on stilts as we were driving down a hill. It was really funny because at first we didn’t realize he was on stilts we just thought he was really tall then it hit us. Another funny thing is that yesterday at church we ran into some Elders who were talking about driving really fast (like 130 mph) and I commented (I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut) that I don’t like to drive fast. Well they asked why not and I said well for starters it’s illegal and second you can get really hurt. Well apparently that is not what you say to a 19 year old “man” and he responded cleverly “Well you’re from South Carolina, when you don’t like the laws you break away and start a war.” I definitely laughed.

Well on the note of driving we have a device in our car called TIWI. It tracks how you drive and reports it to the Vehicle Coordinator and the Mission President. So if you drive recklessly you lose your driving privileges (I’m surprised some Elders still have driving privileges). It’s pretty funny. Every day you have to login. If you speed TIWI will say “Check your speed.” It will also say “Aggressive Driving” if you stop or turn too fast. My favorite is “RPM Violation” if you speed up too fast. It also checks our location and if you leave the mission, President will get a text. Occasionally that happens because we are right on the edge of the mission. It’s funny. There are also these cell towers (they light up red at night) and every time I see them I think they are enforcement towers that will zap us if we leave the mission. Haha.

The last few days have been a lot of service, a few less active visits and church. I wish I had more to say but it’s only been 3 days. The gospel is still true!


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