Just knock… Do you think she knows how to knock

We had a very busy week but the proselyting part was super slow. We probably knocked on 70 doors of people we knew (LA and PMFs) and they didn’t open. We don’t really tract. It’s not effective here because when people see us going from door to door they hide but a lot of days we make a list of all the LAs in one area and we knock on all those doors. We have 130 LA families in our ward that we are trying to help. There are 45 families we know nothing about so that was our project this week. Find something out about these people. Honestly we didn’t get as far as I had hoped. There are still 37 families we know nothing about. 7 were uninterested and the other well she’s definitely a do not contact.

We did have 2 all day meetings this week which kinda hurts numbers. We had New Missionary Training. I learned there that I’m adjusting pretty well and I got SUPER lucky with my companion. We also had Zone Meeting which was pretty great. I did a training on prayer and afterward everyone was like “You really are gonna be a school teacher.” Haha, I guess that’s a complement. Our zone is really focusing on unity because we are definitely dis-unified. (So pray for unity please).

At Zone Conference we also sang a missionary version of the EFY Medley. Our zone leaders are so funny (I think it’s just an Elder thing). They called us Wednesday night and asked us to do a musical number Friday at Zone Conference. And of course we pulled it all together and it sounded amazing (I think it’s a Sister thing).

One thing I learned this week is that pretty much there are 3 main reasons here people claim to go inactive. 1- They get offended. 2- They get into anti. 3- They get “too busy.” Well I don’t want to offend anyone but I guess I’m becoming bold as a result of being a missionary but there’s really only one reason. They’re not converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the way, if He is your foundation and your faith is in Him and not in the church you won’t leave. If this is true, no offense will shake you too much because you will know that people are imperfect but forgiveness is real through the atonement. The anti won’t bother you because you know Satan is real but God is better and His way is perfect (and you don’t have to know and understand everything right now). And you can’t get too busy for God because He will be your priority and you will know through Him everything will work out. He will help you. I know all of these things. (Sorry for the lecture but I needed to say it.)

So as for pictures this week. We went downtown for P-Day last week! Anyway we ended up getting directions to the park we were meeting at from the Elders (bad idea). Well as a testament to their quality directions we drove around lost in downtown for an hour and we never found the place we were suppose to meet. But we did get to see the capital building! It’s pretty awesome. Also I happen to be wearing red, white and blue so yeah go America!


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