P-Day last week was crazy fun. I don’t know how many of you have played Slot Cars but they are so fun. A member in our Stake invited our whole district over to try them. So I attached a picture but basically in slot car racing you have a track that has 4 lanes and each car is electromagnetically attached to a throttle (it looks like a gun type thing). It’s pretty tough because you have to slow down on turns or you fall right off the track. There’s a bunch of different ways to play. Our district had a lot of fun. The members son is the World Champion and they go to England every year for a tournament thing. How cool! Sister Marsh is the best in the district. And guess who was the worst? Yep ME! But it’s okay I still had a ton of fun. I think Caleb and Isaac would really enjoy it. (Apparently the tracts are pretty expensive (like 3-5 thousand) but the guy said he made his- so Caleb you should get on that).

One great story from this week. So there is this sweet little girl in our ward- She’s 2. We had dinner with her family a few days ago and she’s so sweet- every time she sees someone- especially if they look sad she exclaims “I love you!” Her mom said the other day they were in the grocery store and she kept going up to people and saying “I love you.” Well I can tell you that 2 year old’s can be inspire too. She touched a lot of people. I invite you to tell someone you love them today. it doesn’t have to be a stranger in the grocery store but tell someone. Remind them- I promise it will bring them joy.

This was probably the fastest week of my life. Seriously it went so fast! We had a few amazing lessons. One with a PMF, the Tolmans. The members are older and haven’t been to church in decades. There son and granddaughter, who’s 11 lives with them and they are investigating. They’re starting to make progress. They really want the gospel and the blessings it brings in their lives but they are not great at keeping commitments. Keep them in your prayers! Also we also teaching a guy named Dave who hasn’t been to church since he was 16 and he’s like 50 now. He just now had some big changes in his life and wants to worship God and build a relationship with him. His struggle right now is he’s not sure what that should look like but we are helping him and he was at church yesterday! Pray for him too! Obviously we had many other lessons- some went well and others are well interesting.

So… The most exciting part of the week was definitely the Easter Initiative. Everyone should go on right now to followhim.mormon.org. Yes right now! Stop reading and go!

Isn’t it a great video?!?! So the Initiatives are kicked off by the missionaries and we get pass-along cards and we get to show it to people in there homes! Well I invite you to share it! Share it with someone who needs the message. It’s just 2 minutes! Easter is in 2 weeks. What a fantastic excuse to talk about The Savior? He lives and I testify that in him we can find new life. Boyd K Packer said ”Save for those few – those very few – who defect to perdition after having know a fullness, there is no habit, no addiction, no transgression, no offense small or large which is exempt from the promise of complete forgiveness. No matter what has happened in your life, the Lord has prepared a way for you to come back.” The Atonement, the saving suffering death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, are real. He truly rose the third day. Celebrate that! Celebrate this season! God loves you! God loves me! He gave His son for us. Hallelujah!

Hallelujah.jpgslot carsslot cars2



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