Mission Snapshot “Words of Andy”

Thank you for all the support and encouragement that you all send to Grace.  I thought I’d add a little note here.  Grace cannot post or see your posts on this blog.  I (Andy) maintain the blog from the letters she sends us.  She wanted a consolidated place (the small plates) to hold all her letters for people who may join the journey mid-way and are interested in the beginning.  Feel free to email me with questions: andy@andysmith.net

Below is a snapshot of the Boise Idaho mission:

153 Missionaries

40 Sisters

12 Spanish Speaking Elders (9 at a time proselyte in Spanish)

75 Areas (anywhere from 1-3 wards)

57 Mission Cars (Sisters always have cars)

6 Average Dinner appointments per week

12-15 Average # of Lessons taught per week

For more information about the mission:

Idaho Boise Mission

They do very little “tracting” they knock a lot of doors but it’s usually for less active members not finding new members.  They get a lot of referrals.

From one of Grace’s first letters: “First Area: Amity Stake in the Meridian 14th Ward. We have 578 members and less than 50% activity (so yes lots of less active work). The area is in the Southwest corner of the mission. We are pretty disobedient because we leave the mission a lot due to the fact that our house is in the Nampa Mission, haha. We live in a little granny house on a members property. It’s very cute.  I am loving the area and the people.  Sister Smith”


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