If you hear a knock

If you hear a knock on your door during a hail storm you should probably answer it because it’s guaranteed to be the missionaries because no one loves you enough to be out knocking doors in a hail storm except the missionaries. On Monday night we were out (thank goodness we had the car) and out of no where a lightning storm started. It was beautiful it started to rain and then it started to hail. Sister Marsh and I needed to make a few more visits. We got to this house and we prayed and decided that despite the rain and hail (and the fact we had no umbrellas) we were just gonna go for it. Well it was coming down harder than we thought. By the time we got to the front door we were soaked completely through and freezing. They didn’t have a porch so we just stood there getting hailed on. We knocked and no one answered. We knew they were home! We saw them walk past the front door. The rest of the night was pretty unproductive because we were so wet that no one would let us in. Ah well it makes a fun story.

Before my mission when I would go out with the missionaries they would say that “Miracles happen when members come to lessons” and I didn’t believe them well now I know how true that is. Tuesday we had a lady in our ward come out with us. We planned to go see a less active older man who lost his wife about a year ago. We’ve been visiting this man for almost a year now and he hasn’t opened up at all. Well Sister Clow (the sister that came with us) lost her husband 10 years ago and having her there was such a blessing. We’ve been tying to help him but we’re just two 19 year old girls who have never been married and really have no idea how he’s feeling. Sister Clow was really able to connect with him and he opened up to her and it was an amazing visit that really strengthened him. it was a really important step in helping him. Miracles really do happen when members come.

This week I was reminded of the power of service. We went and visited a lady in the ward that hasn’t been to church in decades. We just talked with her and listened to her story. She has a lot of health problems- including Hepatitis C which apparently prohibits her from being in large crowds of people or around children so church is kinda a no go. Well we listened and she showed us her rock collection (it was pretty amazing). At one point she mentioned that she was sad because she couldn’t plant her flowers this year. Well we jumped at that and offered to plant her flowers for her. She got a little teary and said “You would do that? You would plant flowers for me even though I don’t go to church?” Of course we would! I love serving people and it was so cool to see how we can help her see how much God loves her.

We had a pretty cool miracle happen this week. We have been trying to contact a PMF for over a month now and we have never been able to reach them. Well last Saturday we finally got the door to open and we set a return appointment for Thursday evening. Well we were optimistic but realistic about our expectations for the visit because well as every missionary knows appointments often fall through. But to our great surprise Thursday afternoon we got a text  from the mom confirming the visit and asking if we had dinner. We actually didn’t because the people who signed up had pneumonia. So she invited us to dinner.  We were super excited. we had a really good meal and then had a lesson about Easter. After we shared the Hallelujah! video we shared our testimony about Jesus Christ and the 12 year old daughter asked who Christ was. Well being from the south that was a new one for me. In my mind everyone knows who Jesus is. Well it was so cool I think for the first time I taught someone who their Savior was. I don’t think it fully sank in but it was cool to watch her eyes as we testified. I think she could tell something was true whether or not she fully understood it. I’m so grateful I have always known that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and a Savior who helps me get back to Him but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to find out for the first time.

This week was pretty productive in the PMF area. Saturday we were walking and we accidentally went down the wrong street. I say accidentally but I’ve found that nothing as a missionary happens by accident. Well one of the PMF’s was outside with their extended family having an Easter lunch. The dad invited us to join and we happily obliged. We had just eaten but we weren’t gonna turn down the chance to talk about Easter. Well we ended up doing an Easter Egg Hunt with them which was so much fun and then sharing in Matthew about the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate.

We got to go to the broadcast of Handel’s Messiah by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was amazing (shout out to Annema!) the only disappointing thing was that it ended after curfew so we missed the Hallelujah Chorus. Then Saturday the General Women’s Meeting was pretty cool and I’m so excited to see how the church is going to implement the “I was a Stranger” service. I hope the missionaries can play a role in that as well.

Well today is the first day of Transfer 2. I’m still with Sister Marsh (YAY!). Time is flying and I just love being a missionary!


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