Ene mene mine mo

Honestly I have no idea how to spell en ne mene mine mo and since I can’t google it. That’s how it’s going to be. Well funny story. There’s a less active we visit in the ward and on Fridays she has her granddaughter and her granddaughter says “ene mene mine mo, catch a tiny piny toe” instead of “ene mene mine mo, catch a tiger by it’s toe.” it’s probably her favorite thing to say ever and it cracks me and Sister Marsh up every time.


Sister Marsh and I had a very funny interaction one night this week as we were getting ready for bed. I was expressing how repentance is so important as a missionary and how God really shows you how much you need to be doing better. Honestly it’s great because you improve a lot but so hard because you are hyper aware of all your imperfections and faults.

Sister Marsh: I are a dirtbag (excuse her English- she really is very intelligent but she’s silly sometimes)

Sister Smith: Oh my, if you’re a dirtbag then I’m dirt without a bag

Sister Marsh: Well you may feel like dirt now but Jesus can help you

Well, amen to that, Jesus really can help you and me!


We had an AMAZING miracle this week. So we’ve been teaching a less active the lessons. He has never really been to church because his parents weren’t active when he got baptized so he really doesn’t know much. His name is Blaine. The first time we met him he came to the door, everything smelled of cigarette smoke and he was clearly drunk but he invited us back. Well it’s been a few months now and he is really a changed person. We showed up for our lesson on Thursday and he was waiting on us- which is miracle number 1 because he pretty much always forgets. Last time we had a lesson with him we asked him to read and pray and he said he would. Well guess what, he did! Which is miracle number 2! So then we started talking a little more about prayer and we read Enos. The Spirit was like knock you over strong and he really seemed to feel it too. He said he wanted to pray “more intently” (his words not ours) and he wanted to read the Book of Mormon and then, miracle number 3, he said “I might just have to come to church.” Well we were already ecstatic by how well the lesson went but I guess the Lord had one more miracle in store. We asked him to say the closing prayer and after quite a bit of encouragement he agreed. I guess I should add a detail to the story real fast. He has a dog that is blind and deaf and VERY loud and barks literally nonstop. Well he started to pray and he thanked God for us and asked that God would help him be better at reading and praying. Then, clearly distracted by the dog he said “And please help me find a way to get Napster to be quiet.” And guess what?!?! The dog stopped barking! Like immediately! Blaine paused and closed the prayer and then looked up at us and said. “It worked! Wow, I’m really gonna have to think about that.” We assured him that that really was God answering his prayer and that he could continue to get answers. He said he would tell us how it goes. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much joy. It was amazing! God is amazing!

Another awesome miracle that happened this week. We were just walking to our dinner appointment. By the way we walk a lot. Like pretty much all day everyday and now that it’s light till like 9 pm we even walk in the evenings. It’s great for miles and we get to meet a lot more people. So anyway we were walking past this building on Sunday and this guy asked if we covered this area. We replied affirmatively and he asked us to come talk to him. Well he was an active member and runs a pest control business and just hired one of his friends, a nonmember, and said he was ready for the gospel and he wanted us to teach him. We got his story and we obviously we are thrilled! His names Joe so pray all goes well when we meet him.

Something really funny I have discovered here is that there are a ton of less active members that love conference and watch all 4 or 5 sessions just because they like it. So we’re really excited to talk to them about conference this coming week. Conference has produced some amazing miracles! One of our investigators watch it without being asked and said he really enjoyed it. Well I don’t know that anyone enjoyed conference as much as I did. General Conference as a missionary is absolutely amazing. Every single talk had answers to questions I had for me or questions I had for people we are working with. Not that I had favorites but Elder Bednar’s talk on Saturday was spectacular and Elder Uchtdorf’s on Sunday just wow. Conference is amazing.

Well I hope this week you saw as many miracles as I did. Miracles are all around us! Look for them and you will find! God answers prayers!

I love you all!

Sister Smith





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